This is more pieces of the year.(2015)

Have you ever been on the internet contacting someone you dont know? If you think about it that would be stupid.So many things can happen on the internet like flamewars, even bullying.So then somones feelings can be damaged. Also people are just sitting there waiting to spam someone. You need to be very careful when using the Internet.

Never Be hurtful online, you'd be considered a bully.You should always have good manners in text, messages, and chat rooms.But some people forget to be polite online, and then hurting someone's feelings.Dont ever say something back if someone texts something mean, because thats exactly what they want you to do.If you do this you could start a flamewar.A flamewar are arguments between two or more players.Always Be polite.

Cyberbullying can be dangerous if you don't know how to handle it.But believe it or not some bullies don't even know they are doing it.And some bullies just do it to feel better about themselves.And the rest just do it to be mean.Some of the ways that bullies are being mean is by posting embarrassing pictures, comparing someone's name to a swear word.To stop it you could save messages and show an adult and from there the adult can handle it.

Always keep your info to yourself. It would be very dangerous having a conversation with someone you don’t know, and then telling them your phone number, email, address, and don’t tell them your name. Don’t ever click something on the computer that asks for your name, address, and your bank account. If you click this it could be sent to a spammer. A spammer is someone that can hack into your bank account and take you money. And there nothing you can do about it, so remember dont give anyone your info.

Like I said be polite, don't start flamewars, and dont text back someone who said something mean. Be very careful online there can be so many things that can happen.